🛸 Building an automatic game-server deployment

Have you ever ran game-server instances on a “dedicated server” 24/7 ?

If you ever made an online game with some fluctuation in traffic
(some gamers sleep, yes) you probably had the game-server instances on a so called “dedicated server”.‌‌ Like most people i choose a “dedicated server” from non other than OVH because it looked good, 12 cores, 32gb ram is nice for 80$ (hosted in Canada)

How to dynamically load content to a 🧓 subreddit

this is only tested on the old subreddit style
(old) Subreddits are great and everyone ❤’s them.

If you ever made a subreddit you might have asked yourself how you could display dynamic data. You may have seen subreddits that had some data that updated every day.

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